Fashion Fridays: Europe Look-Book

When I have a trip planned, one of my favorite things to do is create a look-book. It usually consists of inspiring images of clothing that I want to recreate. For my Europe trip I went with a very pastel, neutral pallet in light, airy material. I think Paris was my biggest inspiration with my overall outfit choices. I wanted to bring enough to switch my attire day to day, but not too much where I’m heaving a 20lb. bag with me from city to city.


Quilted Desire


{kate spade}


One of the most sophisticated, chic bag a girl can have is a quilted Chanel. Realistically, only a few of us can afford one. For the past season I’ve been wanting the more affordable Kate Spade version. If I hadn’t been saving for my Europe trip I just might actually splurge on this one. A couple benefits of this version is that the classic but also rather obnoxious interlocking c’s logo isn’t slapped on the front, the price tag isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. While the Kate Spade version might be out of others price range as well, I found a close replica from Aldo for under $60. It still has the quilted texture in a neutral color, while also keeping up the chain-linked strap, like the other versions.

Must have Mondays: New Orleans

{beignets at cafe du monde}

{breath taking views of New Orleans}

{my favorite mix}

{bourbon street movie night}

{bananas foster at brennan’s}

Having spent several weeks in New Orleans, the city which has been called “the soul of America” has grown on me. I must admit that after my entail few days I hated it. But after completing all the touristy things: Bourbon St. people watching, hurricane and mint julep drinking,  gumbo eating, and more site-seeing I have become fond of the city, culture, and people. A must see is the beautiful Garden District. With all its amazing homes, restaurants, the popular cemetery, and stores, it was by far my favorite area. Although I would be just fine if I never walked down Bourbon Street again, i must say New Orleans I’ll be back. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Fashion Fridays

{light, delicate jewelry}

{jacket h&m, tank ralph lauren, skirt forever xxi, purse longchamp}

While trying to avoid the heat in New Orleans, the family and I stopped off for hurricanes at Lafitte’s. Known as the oldest bar in America, it was one of the best sites we went to. The vibe is like a time machine, taking you back to when pirates sailed the gulf coast and candle light was the only light source. To channel the casualness of this place, plus the southern charm of Louisiana, a jean jacket paired with a light maxi skirt seemed to be a perfect match. Have a wonderful weekend! xxxooo

Pleasantly Peach

{country stand}

{homemade peach preserves}

{coke container shelf – so clever}


As my mom and I made our way from Charleston to Savannah we strayed off the road to cute little country stands like this one. Featuring homemade jam, cider, spices, and much more. Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised by our find. Since we were in the south and on our way to Georgia, it was only fitting we take home some peach cider and tea. I love when unexpected detours, turnout so perfectly!