Must have Mondays

{strawberry muffins}

{s’mores making}

{my backyard}

{my book of the season – very interesting read}

{mother’s day brunch}

This weekend seemed to revolve around food. After a long day of errands Friday, I decided to make use of our large supply of strawberries and make muffins with this recipe here for Saturday breakfast. Later I was craving s’mores, so a good friend of mine came over to make them, while we sipped on bellinis and had a marathon of  the new HBO show Girls. Since this coming week is my last real free week until I get back from Europe, I spent Saturday relaxing by the pool reading. Then we finally got to eat at this amazing italian restaurant that we’ve been meaning to try for years, followed by church and a movie date. Finally Mother’s Day, started the morning with tea outside by the pool, a nice long walk with the dogs. Then I treated my mom to a nice brunch (with endless mimosas!). Hope everyone sent some love to their mom’s yesterday. Have a great week! xxxooo


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