All the Small Things

{momma duck looking over her chicks}

{humming bird nest}

The other day my boyfriend found this tiny, tiny hummingbird’s nest in our front yard. At the time it had an even smaller egg in it. A few days later while we were enjoying a beautiful sunday evening outside with drinks, we saw this momma duck and her babies swimming around. These moments just remind me that no matter how crazy and big life can get, we can’t forget to stop and remind ourselves to be grateful for all the small things. I often find myself in this trap of seeing everything I don’t have, instead of being thankful for all that I do have. I lead a very blessed life and am beyond grateful for everything that I have (most importantly my family and friends), but it is easy to be envious of others. So during this “hump” day try to take a minute and remind yourself of all the small things in your life that your grateful for.


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