Pretty Packaging Perks

{label design by shepard fairy}

{emergency kit}

{the marmara hotels chocolate gift box}

{jarcakes made from scratch}

{“b” liquor brand blending sugarcane rum with honey + a hint of lime}

{my absolute favorite champagne & packaging}

You would think as a designer myself, that I would be immune to pretty packaging. That I would know the tricks of the trade and be wiser than to be fooled by some cute appearance. However, I am the exact opposite. I love packaging design. Hate to design it but love to evaluate and admire it. Something could be completely useless or unnecessary to me but if it is wrapped up pretty you bet I’ll at least consider purchasing it. Yes, I judge good wine by the label and you bet that I judge books by the cover. Appearance is 85% of design, the other….functionality.


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