Must have Mondays

{want: michael kors pave dome ring}

{new backpack for europe by rick steves}

{ice tea & a lemon macaroon from chocolatine}

{cool tunic dress from asos}

{cross body purse from aldo I might get for my europe trip}

This past week has been a highly productive one. Ran a ton of errands on friday and did some freelance design work. Then had a wonderful date night with the boyfriend at our favorite local seafood place called Lure. Saturday mapped out my entire europe trip with my travel buddy. And booked all of our flights from country to country, 6 countries in a matter of 17 days (phew)! Took a nice relaxing lunch break at my favorite french cafe for ice-tea, ham and cheese sandwiches, and (of course) a delicious lemon macaroon. Followed by a little light shopping where I found a backpack and a prospective purse for all my upcoming travels. Later that night, we had a semi-girls night with mexican food, a bottle of really good pino, and an hour of talk in the jacuzzi. And finally yesterday I had to babysit 3 boys (ages ranging from 12 to 7) which was an adventure in itself, involving an hour long search for a skatepark (that was never found). Followed by a relaxing evening at the movies, seeing the Raven. Hope ya’ll had a wonderful/productive weekend as well. xxxooo


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