Must have Mondays

{beautiful tullips in the boston commons}

{espresso martini from 75 chestnut}

{my favorite tinted moisturizer}

{the perfect red/pink nail color called “ole caliente”}

{delice de laduree perfume}

This past week/weekend has been very relaxing. After my trip back east I have pretty much been just recuperating and resting my feet. Catching up on some shows on the DVR (Revenge is a must) and in the beginning stages of researching my Europe trip. This will be the very first time I have been out of the country, minus a day stay in Victoria, Canada when I was little. So as excited as I am, I’m also pretty nervous. I bought “Europe for Dummies” last year when I had high hopes of going to London for the royal wedding (yes, I was that person). So last week I took it off the shelves and begun rereading it. From different currencies, exchange rates, to petty thieves everywhere, and dealing with the euro rail I’m a tad bit overwhelmed. But my traveling buddy is well experienced, plus I have 2 months to gear up for it, so I think with time it’ll get better. Happy monday everybody! xxxooo


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