Fashion Fridays

{simple black & white ensemble}

{perfect white tee from casion + rose gold aldo necklace}

{black ankle zipper pants & my new joe fresh platform sandals}

{rose gold michael kors hoop earrings}

{matching rose gold whisper bracelets}

Lately I have come to the conclusion that the simpler the outfit the better. A few years ago, when I was attending FIDM I was convinced that I needed to dress the part. As graphics was my major not fashion, I quickly stopped torturing my feet with heels and wore whatever was comfortable enough to sit in front of a computer for 6 hours straight. Since I can remember I have been known in my family as the more fashion forward one or as my brother once said “don’t wear anything weird today.” (Weird equalling anything with sequins, off the shoulder, see through, tulle, leather, or fur.)

Just the other month my cousin was cleaning out my aunts closet and found two dresses straight out of the 80’s and thought of me. Not that I’m complaining but when I received those dresses a few days later, my mom began laughing at what they looked like. Thus I began to question if my idea of “fashionable” was normal people’s halloween costumes… Sure the dresses had shoulder pads and plenty of sequins, in every fluorescent color might I add. But what’s wrong with a little glitz and glamour now and then? For the regard though, let me add that my attire is really not THAT extreme, my best friend just so happens to think that I could pull off anything bright, shiny, or furry. And I’m not ashamed that I am (and forever will be) a 6 year old trapped in a 23 year olds body.


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