Fashion Fridays: East Coast Buys

{flower print blouse from h&m}

{same blouse but snake print}

{tangerine sundress}

{tan ballet flats w/ built in nike air soles from cole haan}

{perfect travel size perfume smells like hydrangeas from kate spade}

While exploring Boston mainly on my own I’ve found it rather difficult to find a random stranger to ask them to snap a picture of me and my outfit (without being one of those girls…you know what I mean). So instead I decided to show images of my recent purchases. While planning a trip to europe this summer I’ve been on a little budget for this current trip, so I’ve set a daily limit on all of my expenses (food, clothes, entertainment, etc.). Which means while I’m shopping I have been keeping in mind items that I would need/want for my europe trip. I’ve heard summer there is really hot, so breezy blouses, silk  dresses, comfy ballet flats, and a light, refreshing perfume that smells like flowers are a few necessary items to pack. Obviously this is just the start of purchases of that trip. But until then , have a great weekend! xxxooo


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