Must have Mondays

{want: michael kors pave dome ring}

{new backpack for europe by rick steves}

{ice tea & a lemon macaroon from chocolatine}

{cool tunic dress from asos}

{cross body purse from aldo I might get for my europe trip}

This past week has been a highly productive one. Ran a ton of errands on friday and did some freelance design work. Then had a wonderful date night with the boyfriend at our favorite local seafood place called Lure. Saturday mapped out my entire europe trip with my travel buddy. And booked all of our flights from country to country, 6 countries in a matter of 17 days (phew)! Took a nice relaxing lunch break at my favorite french cafe for ice-tea, ham and cheese sandwiches, and (of course) a delicious lemon macaroon. Followed by a little light shopping where I found a backpack and a prospective purse for all my upcoming travels. Later that night, we had a semi-girls night with mexican food, a bottle of really good pino, and an hour of talk in the jacuzzi. And finally yesterday I had to babysit 3 boys (ages ranging from 12 to 7) which was an adventure in itself, involving an hour long search for a skatepark (that was never found). Followed by a relaxing evening at the movies, seeing the Raven. Hope ya’ll had a wonderful/productive weekend as well. xxxooo


Fashion Fridays: For Less

{lea michele}

{outfit for less}


Fashion magazines are one of my guiltiest pleasures. I not only subscribe to the high end ones (Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue) but I love splurging on People, People Style Watch or Us on a weekly basis. Especially if the weather is nice (which southern california it happens daily) and I plan on laying out. But one of my favorite sections is the styles for less. You get to see how you can put together an outfit (for less) just like the celebs do, or more likely their styliest do. So I have composed a few of my favorite celeb looks and found them for way less. Enjoy! xxxooo

Multiple Personalities?

{gruene, texas}

{london, england}

{new york, new york}

{nantucket, massachusetts}

{hollywood, california}

At this stage in my life I have come to the conclusion that I don’t exactly know what I want to do or where I want to be. I have multiple ideas of where I see myself living and working. For example:

1. Texas – all of my family is from here, and it’s my second home so to work and live in say Austin would be really fun and an easy adventure.

2. Abroad – I’ve thought it would be fun to study for my masters abroad in either london or paris. Seeing as how I have never been to either and I get home sick easily, this is a bit of a stretch.

3. Manhattan – yes, only manhattan (not brooklyn or jersey). Having just visited I’m not so confidant that I could handle the hustle and bustle of the city 24/7. I would love to work for a fashion magazine in the heart of the city, with a fabulous apartment and closet, and whatever other sex and the city cliches you can think of thrown in there too.

4. Nantucket – I fell in love with this island the minute I set foot on it four years ago. To add to the love affair, I’m also a big fan of Elin Hilderbrand. And in every book of hers, a young adult comes to the island for the summer to work and “escape” something from their lives. While I don’t have anything to escape from, I would still love to drop everything and move here for the summer. Problem is I’m not that spontaneous to up and move cross country without a guaranteed job or place to live.

5. Home – lastly of course where I am currently living. Obviously this is probably what my next step will be-find a job and get an apartment in Hwood or downtown (west side would be prettier but traffic is a nightmare).

While the latter is the most likely outcome to my life, it’s always fun to think big and I do a lot of that. However, sometimes I do wish though that I actually had the balls to up and do it.

Must have Mondays

{beautiful tullips in the boston commons}

{espresso martini from 75 chestnut}

{my favorite tinted moisturizer}

{the perfect red/pink nail color called “ole caliente”}

{delice de laduree perfume}

This past week/weekend has been very relaxing. After my trip back east I have pretty much been just recuperating and resting my feet. Catching up on some shows on the DVR (Revenge is a must) and in the beginning stages of researching my Europe trip. This will be the very first time I have been out of the country, minus a day stay in Victoria, Canada when I was little. So as excited as I am, I’m also pretty nervous. I bought “Europe for Dummies” last year when I had high hopes of going to London for the royal wedding (yes, I was that person). So last week I took it off the shelves and begun rereading it. From different currencies, exchange rates, to petty thieves everywhere, and dealing with the euro rail I’m a tad bit overwhelmed. But my traveling buddy is well experienced, plus I have 2 months to gear up for it, so I think with time it’ll get better. Happy monday everybody! xxxooo

Fashion Fridays

{simple black & white ensemble}

{perfect white tee from casion + rose gold aldo necklace}

{black ankle zipper pants & my new joe fresh platform sandals}

{rose gold michael kors hoop earrings}

{matching rose gold whisper bracelets}

Lately I have come to the conclusion that the simpler the outfit the better. A few years ago, when I was attending FIDM I was convinced that I needed to dress the part. As graphics was my major not fashion, I quickly stopped torturing my feet with heels and wore whatever was comfortable enough to sit in front of a computer for 6 hours straight. Since I can remember I have been known in my family as the more fashion forward one or as my brother once said “don’t wear anything weird today.” (Weird equalling anything with sequins, off the shoulder, see through, tulle, leather, or fur.)

Just the other month my cousin was cleaning out my aunts closet and found two dresses straight out of the 80’s and thought of me. Not that I’m complaining but when I received those dresses a few days later, my mom began laughing at what they looked like. Thus I began to question if my idea of “fashionable” was normal people’s halloween costumes… Sure the dresses had shoulder pads and plenty of sequins, in every fluorescent color might I add. But what’s wrong with a little glitz and glamour now and then? For the regard though, let me add that my attire is really not THAT extreme, my best friend just so happens to think that I could pull off anything bright, shiny, or furry. And I’m not ashamed that I am (and forever will be) a 6 year old trapped in a 23 year olds body.