Carrie Bradshaw


{love the knee high socks and the overall relaxed but fashionable look}


{puffy skirt, booties, fur shaw, elbow length gloves = fabulously fabulous}


{color scheme is very chic and that hat is so cb}


{very chanel-esq, fashionable but classy}


{I love the fullness of this outfit and wish this could be worn on a daily basis}


{by far my very favorite, this would be my daily uniform, but I need this skirt}

Like most ladies out there, I am largely inspired/obsessed with Miss Carrie Bradshaw (AKA Mrs. Preston). As of lately I’ve been having a huge bug to move to New York and live the fabulous life. And for some reason my idea of myself living in NY is extremely glamorous and entirely unrealistic. I’d wear marvelous clothes, my appearance would never be altered by all that weather and walking, and I’d be just like Carrie. If only, right? Well to help feed my unrealistic mindset I’ve gathered six of my top favorite outfits by the one and only.


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