Kony 2012

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{Kony 2012 Kit]

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I watched this video a few week backs about this tragedy happening in Uganda. In short, this rebel leader Joseph Kony is kidnapping children and using them for his army. The girls become his “sex slaves” and the boys become his little soldiers.  He forces them to murder their parents before taking them off with him. So this incredible organization called Invisible Children are trying to make this man a house held name and bring to light all that he has done. Despite whats been in the news lately regarding one of the charities workers, the non-profit organization is really doing a lot of good things. Personally, I am always on the glass half empty side when it comes to new “trendy” causes to donate to, but I really believe that this one is important, plus all the proceeds go to helping the cause. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this situation. So please help show your support, donate or take action on this terrible issue. They have these kits (posters, post-cards, stickers, bracelets, etc) online to order or download that allows you to take this action on yourself and make a difference. To learn more and watch the video visit Kony 2012 and help make this man a celebrity.


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