Cuts and Collars

Cuts + Collars {Cashmere Sweater, Collared Shirt – similar here, Banana Republic Jeans, Office Booties}Jeweled Neckline

Pairing distressed jeans with a sophisticated top is one of my go to uniforms. Not only is it the perfect balance between chic and casual, but it’s also extremely comfortable (which is always a must to me). Whether I’m dressing it up with heels for a date night or running around doing errands with ballet flats, this combination is easy to throw on and go. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Happy Easter/Passover! xxxooo

Booties + Cut Jeans  Banana Republic Cut Jeans

Must have Mondays: Tecate Mission

 Crossing the border

{crossing the border on foot}

Cows roaming near by

{next to San Juan Bosco Orphanage cows & horses roam}

Futball game

{along with all the work, many games of “football” were played}

Guest dorms repainted

{the guest dorms we fixed up and painted}

Camp fire

{bonfire and group singing to finish the trip}

Fear. Along with many other people in the world, I allow fear to control too many of my decisions. Lately it’s been traveling to foreign places that are out of my comfort zone. This weekend along with 16 other young adults, I went to Tecate, Mexico with my church and two other fellowships to help out a local orphanage, San Juan Bosco. All my preconceptions could not have been more wrong than they were for this trip. The amazing resilience and joy these children have given their situation is what touched me the most. It is trips like these that make you reevaluate what’s important in your life and encourage you to make the most of this one life. All of this in a matter of three days does a lot to a person’s soul. So today, on your busy Monday take some time to really appreciate even the smallest things that we normally take for granted. xxxooo

Fashion How To’s

7 fashion mistakes to regret

{7 style faux pas to avoid}

fresh start routines

{it may not be new years but spring’s the perfect time for a fresh start on your beauty routine}

hairstyle that take 10 years off

{anti aging cure: 10 hairstyles that takes 10 years off}

mastering the blow out

{mastering the perfect blow out}

how to master the minimalism style

{how to perfect the minimalism trend}

With all the new DIY, beauty tricks, fashion do’s and don’ts its hard to keep them all straight. In an effort to simplify my favorites I’ve collected them above in one easy post. Hope you enjoy. Have a terrific weekend! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Bottega Louis Sweets

{admiring the delicious desserts here while catching up over dinner with a good friend}


{the perfect place to spend a day off}

Kim and Kanye Vogue Cover

{its here….curious to see what all the controversy is about}

Mickey Beignets

{found some energy in Mickey shaped beignets to finish the day}

Spring Room change up

{revamped my bed with some Spring decor}

It’s the happiest place on Earth…or so they advertise. Even I fall for that fantasy until I’m freezing wet from Splash Mountain and tired from the endless amount of walking. But there is something about Disneyland that always pulls me back under its spell. So I spent (the best way you possibly could) hump day there. With crowds larger than anticipated and no rain in sight – until I was already otherwise soaked – it was another glorious day for the books. Hope your weekend was good, Happy Monday! xxooo

Spring Trends to Love

Crop Tops with High Waisted Bottoms

{a cropped top paired with high waisted bottoms – skirts/pants/shorts}

Dewy Skin

{dewy skin}

Cropped Trench

{a cropped trench coat}

Eye Inhibiting Fringe

{eye inhibiting bangs}

Pleated Skirts

{pleated mid-calf skirts}

Flushed Cheeks

{pink or peach flushed cheeks}

Colorful Statement Bags

{a colorful, statement bag}

Messy Braided Twist

{a messy braided twist}

Matching Seperates

{matching separates}

As much of a fashion follower that I am, I’m always cautious of trends. Not every trend is for everyone, or needs to be invested into, or is worth recreating. It’s a personal choice that really only you can make for yourself. Take for instance, this seasons cropped top extravaganza. If someone would have asked me to buy or even wear a cropped top a few months back, I would have laughed in their faces and said no. But the way this trend is pulled together with high waisted, bell-bottom-like pants, I’m finding myself loving it. It just goes to show that you never know what the next season will bring in terms of your personal taste, your fashion wish list, and what your closet stables are. With that in mind…be careful with that spring cleaning, nothing is worse than regretting something thats currently trendy that you threw away. Have a great weekend! xxxooo